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Hello there !

Picture of myself

My name is Lua Jacqmin, I am a Front-End Developer based in Belgium ! I am freshly graduated from Haute École Albert Jacquard  in Web and Mobile Design.

Please feel free to checkout my work or take a look at my resume !



Indigo - Adventure Awaits

School project - Graduation work - Solo work

Indigo is a mini video game where you play a young person who is searching for some adventures ! You try to enrole some of your friends in your group to create a guild and discover the world together.

Mockup of my graduation work project, called Indigo Adventure Awaits

Discovering the life of a cub scout

School project - Examination work - Solo work

Through this website, you'll learn what is the life of a cub scout inside a scout unit (here, the 13e Luxembourg), how our meetings take place every Saturday, what we do during the summer camp, and much more.

Mockup of my examination work project, about the life of a cub scout

Rethinking UX - Uber eats

School project - UI/UX design - Group work

Rethinking User Experience is a DWM Workshop where we had, in group, to redesign the UX of a well-known app ou website. My group chose Uber Eats to test its UX.

Mockup of my rethinking ux project, where I redesigned a part of uber eats


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